Solder Paste Printers (Manual and Semi-Auto)


The SR2000KM manual screen printer is the improved version of the SR2000 printer. It is an entry-level basic tool that, with some care, can do an excellent job. It enables you to print at lowest cost, being at the same time precise and extremely easy to use with X, Y and Theta adjusting knobs.

The SR2000KM has been designed to be easily transported and to fit any worktable. Its particular design and its simplicity ensure reliability and durability.

A magnetic fixture kit is included, allowing printing of any kind of double sided board.


New SR2700 semiautomatic printer.
Motorized squeegees movement (X/Y) and snap-off.
Touch screen display to control, set, edit and activate all the parameters of the printing process.
Two cameras for alignment control.
Large frame holder to fit many type of frames.
Magnetic working table including all the necessary PCB’s supports.
Vacuum kit sold as optional.


Semi-Automatic Printer for Large PCB’s and LED Boards.
Built-in self tensioned frame for stencils.
850x420mm printing area.
Touch screen display.
Two independent, self levelling, pressure controlled, electro-actuated squeegees.
Motor assisted squeegees & plate movements. Programmable speed.
Two cameras (for manual vision alignment).
PCB fixing system with pins and optional vacuum tooling.


The SR 3200 is a stand Alone fully automatic printer with automatic fiducial recognition and external loader/unloader pairing capability.
Can be coupled with LD100 automatic loading system to build an optimal solution to maximize printing throughput.
Printing mode is motor assisted (brushless motor) and fully programmable.
An easy-to-use software guides the operator during the whole process.
Compact design to save space, large printing area, first class specifications make this printer a product with an outstanding quality-price ratio.
Weight: 260 Kg (only SR3200) 350 Kg (with LD100)
Dimension: 140x113x150cm (only SR3200) 230x130x150cm (with LD100 loader/unloader)
PCB loading/Blocking System: Automatic/Pins and vacuum
Fiducials: PCB and Frame automatic recognition
Squeegees: Two indipendent, self levelling, pressure controlled, electro actuated
Printing Mode: Fully programmable, motor assisted
Max Frame Size: 700x620mm
Max printing Area: 320x450mm