Soldering Robots & Laser Soldering

Desktop Soldering Robots: UNIX-DF Series

The new generation desktop soldering robot for Industry 4.0 and IoT.
The UNIX-DF Series has improved network functionality and robotic motion.
Three types, according to PCB size. These are also applicable and optimized for laser soldering.
It can connect to a network, to visualize the soldering process and results.
The additional two axes facilitate penetration angles or PCB rotation, which makes it possible to solder difficult soldering components.
Compatible with a laser soldering system.

The Ultimate Inline Soldering Robot: UNIX-700 Series

The world-best inline soldering robot with an AC servo motor.
The SOLDER MEISTER 700 Series, top-class model was developed in order to achieve soldering automation for mass production. It solves a variety of automated production issues with its flexible multi-axis joints. Various applications can also be added for automation and overcoming soldering problems. This robot achieves high speed, accuracy and quality, and is able to automate even difficult soldering applications. This is the ultimate soldering robot to solve your soldering issues.

Laser Soldering

Laser Soldering Technology makes automation possible where previously not practical.
Technology is evolving quickly. Mainstream is no longer applicable as evidenced by the emergence of ultrafine electronic circuit boards and multi-layered electrical components. Laser makes soldering to ultrafine areas possible, as well as other types of soldering that may be difficult to achieve using tip soldering.
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