Stereo Microscopes

Carton Optical

SPZ, DSZ and NSW Series Microscopes offers variable combinations of microscope bodies, stands, lenses, illuminators and camera options, which can be selected for different applications such as soldering, assembling and inspecting.

Stereo Microscopes

SPZ-50 Series offers an outstanding zoom ratio of 7.5:1 with a total zoom magnification from 6.7x to 50x with standard 10x eyepiece. A wide range of optional lenses are available to extend the nification from 3.35x to 200x.

DSZ-44 series offers superior quality optics and mechanical components, featuring a zoom ration of 4.4:1 and zoom magnification from 10x to 44x with standard 10x eyepieces. Magnification from 2.5x to 140.8x is available with optional lenses.

DSZ-70 series offers a high power range with a zoom ration of 3.5:1 and zoom magnification from 20x to 70x with standard 10x eyepieces. Magnification from 5x to 224x is available with optional lenses.

NSW series features a dual magnification of 10x & 20x, 10z & 30x, or 20x & 40x, and a fixed magnification of 10x or 20x with standard 10x eyepieces.

Boom Stand available:
Boom Stand

USB Camera Options:
Camera Options
The VD-PC5 and HDCE-X5 cameras are designed to fit an eyepiece tube of 23.2mm or 30mm diameter, and you can easily convert your microscope into a “Digital Microscope” by replacing an eyepiece with this camera. Image Processing Software “ScopeImage9.0” is included for image capture, processing and measurement.