Selective Soldering Systems



Connect, power on and produce: The StartSelective is thought through down to the last detail, from its compact design, ease of operation that does not require special skills, and many technical highlights. With a footprint of only 2.5 m², the StartSelective provides maximum quality and reproducibility of soldering results for assemblies up to 20“ x 20“ (508 x 508 mm) and an outstanding return on investment.


With the SelectLine SEHO developed a selective soldering system featuring a revolutionary design and which convinces with highest precision and solder joint quality as well as a high degree of flexibility: no change-over is required to dynamically process a variety of assemblies with short cycle times.
The SelectLine machine concept is consistently modular, thus ensuring clear cost benefits. Fluxer module, various preheat modules and several soldering modules may be equipped individually, and a brush station as well as the SEHO PowerVision AOI system can be integrated. Depending on your requirements, the different modules can be configured to a complete manufacturing line. Even Select-Line-C that is designed for stand-alone operation in the basic configuration may be expanded with additional modules at any time to be used inline.
The SelectLine can be equipped with the SYNCHRO concept, developed by SEHO, a unique software feature that nearly doubles throughput without major investments.


SEHO PowerSelective is featured with an outstanding modular machine construction which ensures highest flexibility. The basic system can ideally be configurated to meet different specific production requirements and it provides the opportunity to be upgraded step by step at a later date to suit subsequent production developments.
The PowerSelective may be equipped with up to two different soldering units. Thus, miniwave soldering processes, multiwave processes and even conventional wave soldering processes can be covered with only one machine.
Absolutely unique are the PowerSelective‘s outstanding features for automatic process control. Flux quantity monitoring, intelligent tool management, automatic position correction with fiducial recognition, warpage compensation and an integrated AOI system SEHO PowerVision for optical control of the solder joints are only some of the PowerSelective‘s highlights.
Highest Flexibility, absolutely reproducible results, high production volumes and maximum soldering quality sum up to one result: SEHO PowerSelective.


The MaxiSelective-HS represents the high speed selective soldering system from SEHO. It is the perfect solution when highest soldering quality and shortest cycle times are required.
Parallel processes in the fluxing, preheating and soldering area, simultaneous contact of all solder joints with product specific multi nozzle soldering tools as well as the parallel transfer of the assemblies to the next work station make this „one product machine“ the ideal system for mass production.
Two basic machine versions of the MaxiSelective-HS that can be equipped with four or six stations working in parallel, offer the flexibility needed to meet your individual production requirements. Additional buffer stations at the inlet and outlet of the machine complete this high speed system. In order to meet complex production challenges or to respond to increasing manufacturing volumes, the MaxiSelective-HS can be expanded with additional mo-dules or it may be combined with other machine types, also at any later date.
Of course, the MaxiSelective-HS provides outstanding features for automated process control, characteristic for selective soldering systems from SEHO. Flux quantity monitoring, gradient-controlled temperature profiles, solder level control with automatic wire supply and an automated wave height control are only some of the machine’s highlights.