Temperature Profiler


RT04 Temperature Profiler
The new RT04, 4-channel temperature profiler is a must-have accessory for fine-tuning the SMT soldering process. It enables the user to improve the setting of the oven parameters, to optimise production and to check the soldering process quality, by just looking at the temperature vs. time graph.
The device uses four K-type Ni-Cr-Ni micro thermocouples to obtain accurate measurements and high-speed responses.
New PROFILE STUDIO software with many new features, including libraries for ovens and solder pastes.
Long life battery (up to 48 hours when fully charged) and usb facilities to transfer data to a PC.
RT04 will be shipped in a bag with accessories: USB cable, USB pendrive, 4 k-type thermocouple 500mm, 4 k-type thermocouple 3000mm, kapton tape, silicone heat transfer compound, protective shield