SEHO Introduces new Entry-Level Selective Soldering System

SEHO Systems GmbH, a worldwide leading manufacturer of complete solutions for soldering processes and automated production lines, introduces the new StartSelectiive – the perfect plug-and-produce selective soldering system for those just entering into automated soldering.

Connect, power on and produce: The StartSelective is thought through down to the last detail, from its compact design, ease of operation that does not require special skills, and many technical highlights. With a footprint of only 2.5 m², the StartSelective provides maximum quality and reproducibility of soldering results for assemblies up to 20“ x 20“ (508 x 508 mm) and an outstanding return on investment.

All process-relevant components such as the micro drop jet fluxer, preheat system and maintenance-free electromagnetic soldering unit have successfully been in use for years in other soldering systems from SEHO. While all process steps are fully automated and monitored, loading and unloading of assemblies is done manually.

The bottom-side preheat section of the StartSelective is equipped with pulsar heaters over the full area, which can be activated individually depending on board dimensions. Pulsar heaters feature a high energy density and quick reaction time. This enables a remarkable reduction in energy consumption. An additional top-side IR preheating ensures permanent and controlled heat support during long cycles.

Another highlight is the optimized soldering area with non-wetted mini-wave solder nozzles, featuring a 7° soldering angle. The nozzles convince with stable and reproducible flow properties, resulting in outstanding soldering quality. Even difficult geometries can be soldered easily. Moreover, non-wetted solder nozzles are maintenance-free and feature a nearly unlimited lifetime, thus avoiding follow-up costs. Additionally, they do not require any chemicals for activation – an advantage for both the health of the maintenance staff and the environment.

Just like the high-volume selective soldering systems from SEHO, the StartSelective is equipped with a complete package for automated process control. The spray jet control in the fluxing area, automatic wave height control and solder level monitoring with automated solder wire supply are only some of the monitoring functions.

The StartSelective is designed for maximum efficiency. Programming is 100 percent offline at any PC workplace so that the machine is always available for production. Loading and unloading of assemblies is done from the front side, and all setup, retooling and maintenance are easily accessible on one side of the machine. This design allows users to integrate the StartSelective in any production island with minimum footprint requirements, or to place it as stand-alone system in the corner of the production floor.

ESE US-2000XF, the world’s first real full automatic changeover screen printer

The US-2000XF was developed with ESE’s strong R&D capabilities and is the fruit of ESE’s passion integrated with a state of the art and advanced technology.
As the leading and first printer for Industry 4.0, it has been upgraded from the US-2000FA which was developed by a closed cooperation between Samsung Electronics & ESE in 2012.
US-2000XF is the unique functional printer which facilitates automatic stencil change, paperless stencil cleaner, auto solder paste dispenser, solder grabber squeegee (or a closed squeegee tool), traceable ESE standard format of printer parameter data (MES), SPI closed loop and software managed by barcodes.
The advanced intelligent US-2000XF fulfills the requirements of a Smart production line, based on two way communication between the manager and the production line and it achieves very high productivity, maximizes managing efficiency and assists in the implementation of Industry 4.0 and Smart factory.

Hanwha Precision Machinery launches the SM485P Multi-functional Hybrid Mounter

The SM485P is a multi-functional Hybrid Mounter that can place SMD components and insert THT components. Components are placed with 4 precision heads, after simultaneous recognition using the S-Fix camera.

The pin position of an insertion component is accurately measured using a 2D laser. The backlighting system makes it possible to recognize components that cannot be recognized with general lighting. The placed component height inspection system prevents placement errors by measuring the component height after placing. An optional lead scanner can be fitted to inspect the component for bent leads. The placement force can be set per component (0.5~50N), applicable to the components which requires pressing during insertion.

The SM485P can place components from 0201 chips up to 55mm square components and can also handle long connectors up to 150mm (L) x 25mm (W), with a maximum component height of 32mm (option for 42mm height). Standard PCB size is 460mm (L) x 400mm (W) with an option for 610mm (L) x 460mm (W).

Hanwha Precision Machinery launches SM400 Plus Series

Samsung Techwin became part of Hanwha Group
Samsung Techwin, represented in South Africa by Quamba Technologies, officially became part of Hanwha Group, Korea’s 10th largest family-controlled conglomerate, changing its name to Hanwha Techwin.

SMART Factory for SMT