PCB Depaneling

Piergiacomi Robotics

SMA10 Depaneling Machine for V-scored Boards
SMA10 is a machine designed to separate Printed Circuit Boards previously scored. It works either on traditional materials like CEM1 and FR4 as well as on Aluminium substrates (MCPCB). Thanks to its unique design , SMA10 can depanelise both short and long boards bare or populated.

DPF200 PCB Depaneling System for Routed Boards

DPF200 is a manual depaneling system designed by Piergiacomi to solve needs of depanellizing of small series where the use of a pliers could aggravate the product of an excessive labour and where the use of an automatic depanellizing would not justify the cost of amortization.

The main feature of DPF200 is the possibility to change in a very fast way the milling cutter and the interchangeable rail (for which Piergiacomi has a patent pending). The rail it is useful to quickly assist the operator to place and then to drag the circuit until the cut is done. The particular shape of the rail avoids to damage the assembled circuit if the operator inserting it wrongly doesn’t match perfectly the rail inside the eyelet. The particular shape gives a total protection against possible incidents according safety rules.

Piergiacomi designed and realized this new DPF200 to solve problems due to stress, break or tearing out of PCB’s fibers that often occur using standard blades or manual tools and that with the increasing complexity and miniaturization it is not well tolerated. DPF200 cuts the isthmus with the same quality that has an automatic system but with lower costs. DPF200’s vacuum system allows to place the system easily and quickly in each working area.