Conformal Coating (Auto)


TCM45A Coating Work Cell

TTnS patented (PAT. 10-0550606) bubble-free & energy saving conformal coating systems specialize in the application of conformal coatings for electronic components and circuitry on printed circuit boards in the Automotive, Aerospace, Military, Medical, Industrial, Telecommunication and Appliances industries.

TCM45A Coating Work Cell is a fully automated and programmable coating system backed by the exclusive TTnS ECM_XP coating program, integrates a five(5) axis precise robot with advanced TTnS coating applicators to provide consistent applications, substantially reduce masking and minimize reworks.

With the TCM45A, you can expect that the material utilization is typically improved by 40-60% compared to conventional spraying or dipping processes. The range of conformal coating materials currently available for TCM45A comprises acrylics, rubber, urethane, epoxy, silicone and water based coatings.

TTnS conformal coating systems with a total solution can provide edge-defined transparent film-build in continuous production, thanks to the techniques of non-atomized film patterning, tri-mode spiral dispensing in addition to the patented selective curing process.
With the TTnS intermittent coating technique, it is now possible to have a 100% material transfer efficient, bubble-free, selective coating process, where no material is lost.

ECO99C Convection Curing Oven

ECO99C, TTnS patented (PAT. 10-0550606) is a fully automated, electric-powered, bubble-free, convection curing oven, for inline mass production. This environment-friendly, space-saving solution uses existing magazines and PCBA handlers.

Exclusive to TTnS, the oven system runs on a magazine basis and selective convection heating is processed where the magazine of coated boards repeats a cyclic movement as programmed. It is suitable fo curing solvent based materials such acrylic, epoxy, urethane resin and rubber.
With it’s unique selective heating process and reinforced system design eligible for US/Europe safety standards, precise SCR-control and wide-vision of advanced Touch program, ECO99C has accomplished a bubble-free solution with a minimum of 50% energy & working space savings in a fully automated continuous coating processes.