Seho Reflow Ovens


Attractive Performance – Attractive Design – Attractive Price
With a heating zone length of 1850 mm (72.8″) or 2350 mm (92.5″) the convection reflow soldering systems GoReflow 1.8 and GoReflow 2.3 are ideally suited for small to medium-sized production series. The machines are not only featured with an outstanding attractive design, above all the systems convince with their well-engineered concept and excellent soldering results.
5 respectively 7 heating zones provide maximum flexibility in temperature profiling, particularly for lead-free soldering processes.
The GoReflow Systems are designed for soldering in ambient atmosphere, however, if needed they also may be equipped with a local nitrogen inertion in the peak area.
Of course, the systems are provided with an up-to-date control unit for easy and quick programming and they may be integrated into a fully automated production line.

More Power for Your Reflow Production
PowerReflowSEHO PowerReflow-2 was developed for medium to large production series. The system excels by its highly efficient energy transfer and its modern design. With comparatively low investment costs and low operating expenses, PowerReflow-2 offers ideal value for money, thus ensuring high profitability in your surface mount production.
PowerReflow-2 features nine heating zones over a total length of 2735 mm [107.67″] and a controlled active cooling area of 900 mm [35.43″] to guarantee exceptionally flexible temperature management. The system can be operated for soldering in a normal or nitrogen atmosphere.
As an up-to-date soldering system PowerReflow-2, of course, is equipped with a process gas cleaning system that ensures long maintenance intervals thus reducing your manufacturing costs tremendously. The comfortable software is easy to use and provided with a comprehensive management data tool for documentation of process and machine data.

Excellent Soldering – The High-End System for Maximum Requirements
The convection reflow soldering system MaxiReflow has set a milestone in soldering technology and won various technology awards. The reflow oven is equipped with a revolutionary, thermally invisible conveyor system and a new, high-functional process gas cleaning.
Provided with the established fan technology of the FDS product family, the MaxiReflow yields excellent and repeatable soldering results at comparatively low nominal temperatures.
The conveyor system ‘LowMassConveyor’ guarantees absolutely parallel conveyor rails thus ensuring highest process reliability. All mechanical parts inside the process area are reduced to a minimum to reduce maintenance remarkably. This new concept allows very slim conveyor rails and center support that are “thermally invisible”.
With its innovative concept and the well thought out details the SEHO MaxiReflow is ideally suited for all existing and future soldering requirements.

MaxiReflow HP
Void-Free Reflow Soldering Processes
Whether for power electronics, electronic aviation systems, medical equipment or electronic systems for the automotive industry, voids in solder joints represent one of the main problems. To achieve virtually void-free solder joints, a special vacuum process step during soldering was demanded to date, which, however, is very complicated and excludes the use of gas convection for heating.
The same principles as used in vacuum soldering technology are applicable also for a higher pressure level. Essential is the pressure difference between the void and the surroundings.
SEHO goes this innovative and new way with the MaxiReflow HP that ideally combines convection heat and a special hyper-pneumatic module, thus ensuring virtually void-free solder connections while using gas convection for even assembly heating.