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N29 Series Automatic Stencil Cleaners
N29 Series

The N29 Stencil Cleaning Process provides an exceptional cleaning quality through the use of ultrasonic technology.

Using a patented filtration system, the cleaning agent is constantly regenerated which extends its lifetime. At the same time, the use of a liquid based on MPC technology saves a DI water rinsing step.

Consequently, the range of N29 machines allows for the perfect cleaning of solder paste as well as SMT adhesive stencils for the lowest running cost on the market.

Easy to use and having a limited footprint, the N29 series is a PLUG and CLEAN concept.

With several hundred machines sold all over the world, the N29 series is available in different versions adapted to your budget requirements:

-N20: ultrasonic cleaning
-N29ECO: ultrasonic cleaning and hot air drying
-N29SA4: semi-automatic cleaning and drying (already the 4th generation of our best seller)
-N29AUTO: 100% automatic process