Conformal Coating (Batch)

Gen3 Systems

DC2000 Nano

The NEW DC 2000 NANO is a small, laboratory batch coating system designed for the high precision application of conformal coatings and photo-resists onto substrates by dip coating.

A pneumatic alr-over-oil system ensures that the substrate carrier exhibits a smooth “judder-free” motion during the immersion and withdrawal strokes. Its speed can be adjusted with great accuracy to suit the viscosity of a wide range of materials. This produces an extremely smooth and even finished coating result.

The NEW DC 2000 NANO is ideally suited to low volume producers and can be easily adapted to run with many different types of coating.

NEW DC 2000 NANO Stroke/Dip range = up to 300 mm (12 inches)

Standard size = 220L x 80W x 220D mm (3.75 Litres)

Maximum tank size = 300L x 120W X 300D mm

Note: If an optional pump is selected custom sized tanks may be specified.

DC2002 Nano

The NEW DC2002 NANO is a safe, easy to use, medium to high volume batch coating system. It is designed for the application of electronics conformal coatings to various substrates – as well as photo resists and a whole plethora of different coating materials – by high precision dipping.

The NEW DC2002 NANO features a unique Oleo-pneumatic circuit that permits unparalleled precision. The regulated speed control is able to operate down to speeds of less than 1mm/minute and provide coatings down to just 200nm in thickness. This is also achieved over the entire coating stroke to an accuracy of better than ±3%.

This enables the system to successfully apply special surface coatings to products such as photo-voltaic cells, LCD panels, glass panels and solar cells.

The Oleo-pneumatic circuit allows the substrate carrier to operate in a smooth, “judder-free” motion for both the immersion and withdrawal strokes whose speed can be independently set by the user.

NEW DC2002 NANO Stroke/Dip range = up to 700mm (27 inches)

Standard tank size – 600L x 250W x 350D mm

Custom tanks may be specified up to maximum dimensions of 965L x 200W x 700D mm

Options include: automatic viscosity control, solvent/material replenishment, and flammable gas detection.

The model SB2900 has been specially designed for the application of conformal coatings to Printed Circuit Assemblies (PCAs) by batch spraying. It features an ergonomic design to minimise operator fatigue, while providing greater control of the spray gun position and direction. This limits overspray and unnecessary material wastage.


The SB2900 can be equipped with explosion-proof UV light and/or white light and employs a hands-free, rotating table for total 360° visual inspection.

The spray chamber also has a restricted opening and downward extraction plenum chamber, thus limiting operator exposure to solvent vapour. To ensure optimum filtration efficiency, the primary, secondary and tertiary filters are all easily replaceable.

A standard 10 litre pressure pot feed system can be supplied with pre-blended material to minimise filling downtime, along with semiautomatic purging and cleaning of the sprayhead.

An integrated storage space beneath the booth is provided for material and purging solvent pressure pots, the spray gun and face masks, etc.

The SB2900 is specifically designed to work with highly flammable materials.