PCB Cleaning Chemicals

Surclean Ecosolve 200

Ecosolve 200 is a strong solvent blend specified for a wide variety of cleaning applications, including removal of flux and uncured adhesives. It is slower drying and much more powerful than IPA whilst still being safe with almost all plastics, rubbers and elastomers. The longer evaporation time allows sufficient time, if needed, for brush agitation to mobilise and dissolve residues while there is still sufficient liquid cleaning solvent on the work piece. Ecosolve 200 is particularly effective therefore, when removal of heavy residue loadings is required, for example rework flux and SMD adhesive. It is economical in use and combined with the lower vapour pressure, releases substantially lower levels of VOC’s, into the environment than Isopropanol Alcohol (IPA). Ecosolve 200 will remove white residues from PCBs, and fulfil many other cleaning and degreasing tasks, and is a good all round precision cleaner for electronics manufacturing.

Surclean Ecosolve 300

Ecosolve 300 is a powerful solvent blend for difficult cleaning applications. It is safe with the majority of plastics, rubbers and elastomers, and will remove white residues from PCB’s. Ecosolve 300 evaporates quickly at a rate similar to CFC 111 and 113 solvent type materials leaving no residues. Applications include flux removal from PCB’s, magnetic head and electrical contact cleaning, and many other similar precision cleaning applications. Ecosolve 300 contains no CFC’s or HFC’s. Standard pack availability is 400ml Aerosols, 500ml and 1 litre trigger sprays, and 5 litre and 25 litre bulk containers.

Surclean SC2500

SC2500 is a high performance Aqueous based cleaner for fast, effective removal of post Solder Flux Residues. It can also be used for the removal of uncured Solder Paste and Adhesive from misprinted PCB’s. Because it is free from Surfactants it does not degrade in use. SC2500 Concentrate is recommended for use in all types automated cleaning systems as it is non-foaming. it is available as a concentrate or pre-diluted ready for use, according to the type of cleaning system and the residues to be removed.
Main Characteristics of SC2500:
Powerful action with the cleaning power of Solvent Cleaners combined with the safety and environmental advantages of Aqueous based materials.
Wide range of process applications from manual cleaning and batch type methods, through to large automated inline spray type systems. Usable from 20 deg. C through to 80 deg. C.
Cleans a wide range of residues and will not foam or leave white residue after rinsing.
Environmentally safe. SC2500 is free of Surfactants, Inorganic salts and Halogenated Compounds SC2500 is 100% Biodegradable.
Economical in use. SC2500 is diluted with water.
Safe and pleasant to use. SC2500 is very low odor, non flammable and has very low toxicity.

Surclean SPR2300

SPR2300 is an exceptionally strong semi-aqeous solution based on a combination of the exclusive Surclean Aprotic Solvent technology and a blend of water miscible solvents with dual action saponifiers. It is a non-foaming formulation for batch type cleaning systems or for use with fully automatic dishwater type systems.
Unlike the other SPR2000 series material SPR2300 is used at full strength for maximum effectiveness. It is fully water rinsable and retains all the existing attributes of low toxicity, low odour and 100% bio-degradability.
When used with fully automated dishwasher type cleaning systems, SPR2300 should be collected either automatically in the system sump or manually by draining before the rinse cycle. This ensures the most economical usage rate and takes advantage of all the SPR2000 series materials ability to continue operating with high levels of residue contamination.