X-ray Inspection


X-eye 5100 Series

Practical X-ray Inspection System

100kV ~ 130kV Micro-focus Closed tube and high-definition Flat Panel Detector, providing high-resolution images.
Customer convenience is the primary consideration in operation and maintenance of the product.
Customization is available as it is specially designed to accommodate adding the necessary functions depending on customer needs, at reasonable prices.
Key specifications:
– X-ray Tube: 100 kV / 200 µA (option 130 kV / 200 µA)
– Min. Resolution: 5 µm
– Table Size: 460 X 340 mm (option 550 X 550 mm)
– AXIS: X, Y, Z, Tilt (±50º)
– Detector: 1.6 M Pixel FPD
– Dimensions: 1,270(W) x 1,025(D) x 1,460(H)mm / 900kg

X-eye SF160 Series
Best performance X-ray Inspection System

High-performance Micro-focus Open Tube.
Fine defects of 1㎛ are detectable.
High-resolution X-ray images with a world best magnification. This is achieved by a high-quality Open Tube as standard.
Optional Dual CT function. Exact location & size of the defects can be detected and analyzed with this function.
Key specifications:
– X-ray Tube: 160 kV / 200 µA (option 160 kV / 500 µA)
– Min. Resolution: 0.8 µm
– Table Size: 460 X 510 mm (option 550 X 650 mm)
– AXIS: X, Y, Z, Tilt (70º), R, Y-aft, Cone beam R
– Detector: 1.6 M Pixel FPD
– CT Scan Method: Oblique CT / Cone beam CT
– Dimensions: 1,340(W) x 1,950(D) x 1,630(H)mm / 2,000kg

X-eye 5000 Series:

X-eye SF160ACT: